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What is Zabiha halal and how does Halal Factory Co ensure that its meat adheres to these standards?
Zabiha halal refers to the Islamic method of slaughtering animals for consumption. At Halal Factory, we adhere to these standards by ensuring that our process for preparing halal meat follows strict guidelines for the humane and ethical treatment of animals.
How does Halal Factory Co ensure that its transportation services are reliable and efficient?
We use modern, well-maintained vehicles and equipment to ensure that your premium halal meat is delivered fresh and on time. Our drivers are also trained to handle and transport meat with care.
How does Halal Factory Co maintain hygiene and cleanliness at its plant?
Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed with strict hygiene and cleanliness standards in mind. Our expert team follows guidelines for sanitation and cleanliness to ensure that our halal meat is produced in a safe and hygienic environment.
What types of meat cuts does Halal Factory Co offer?
We offer a variety of hand-selected halal meat cuts, sourced from farms to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards.
How does Halal Factory Co ensure that its meat is both delicious and ethically produced?
Our expert team follows strict halal guidelines for preparing and processing meat, which ensures that our meat is both delicious and ethically produced. We also hand-select our meat cuts and offer seasoned and breaded products for a perfect bite every time.